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Retire In Peace, White Chocolate

Jason Williams (1998 – 2008)

Teams: Kings, Grizzlies, Heat

Jason Williams, he will be forever known as “White Chocolate” to many. From the first moment he stepped into the NBA he was a star. Williams just did things differently – with an excitement and flair that we had not seen since, well ever. Older people might liken him to Pistol Pete, but he was Pistol Pete with soul. He will always be remembered for his days as a Sacramento King – bouncing around the court, dazzling defenders and fans alike with his behind the back and no look passes. And who can forget the Gary Payton crossover, LOL.

Even in his older days as a Heat member, he would still pull some magic out of his hat on a fast break and leave you saying “i can’t believe a white boy just did that”. We are were all glad to see him get a ring back in 2006, where he was the starting guard over Gary Payton. It is sad to see him go, with there not anyone to take his place and do the things he used to do. There will be another Michael Jordan, someone who will dominate the league and take the sport to the next level. But, there will never be another Jason Williams.

An entertainer that made flashy plays not by scoring, but by setting up his teammates. Ain’t nobody ever did it like you White Chocolate. You brought the fans much joy and for that we would like to say, THANK YOU my dude. Below is a highlight video that a fan put together of many of his highlights, in his memory, enjoy. Although you might have seen it already take a few minutes and watch it one last time :-(

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