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REPORT: John Wall Makes it Rain at Haze Nightclub After USA Basketball Scrimmage

John Wall Makes It Rain


Apparently things got a little turnt up following the USA Basketball scrimmage in Las Vegas, as a report surfaced that Wizards guard John Wall, who took part in the week-long tryout and exhibition game, made in rain at Haze nightclub at the Aria hotel.

According to a source that was present at the turn up at Haze, Wall’s VIP section of the club was littered with dollar bills like there was a stripper convention taking place, as other patrons that understand the value of money were there to scoop up the cheese like a tortilla chip.

The photo above is some of the monetary evidence that it was drizzling 1’s, but still better to have the money that folds, than the kind that jingles.

Wall was joined by several other current and former NBA players who were in town to take part in the USA Basketball festivities, with a well-deserved turn up serving as a fitting conclusion to the week.


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