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Report: Dwight Howard Agrees To Sign With Rockets

Dwight Howard Rockets


After being in the spotlight for the past few days, and getting hollered at from a plethora of suitors around the NBA, it appears that Dwight Howard has decided to roll with voluntary promoter Slim Thug and the Houston Rockets.

USA Today NBA Insider Sam Amick dropped the bombshell on Friday afternoon with the following tweet:

After being wooed to Los Angeles last season after an unceremonious departure from Orlando, where he peaced out on the 2012 NBA Playoffs with a backiatomy, Howard decided to tell the Lakers and Kobe “deuces,” to play for the up-and-coming Rockets squad which features fellow superstar James Harden and a solid nucleus.

The decision puts an embarrassing end to one of the lowest points in Lakers franchise history, as arguably the most respected franchise in professional sports was made to look like a desert thirsty side boo, begging Dwight Howard to stay in Los Angeles with billboards placed throughout the city.

Now those billboards are similar to that giant LeBron James Witness mural that use to be a landmark in Cleveland, but has since taken it’s talents to South Beach.

Guaranteed for the majority of Lakers fans, who looked at D12 as the future of the franchise — that shit definitely STANK!

[via USA Today]


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