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Real Talk: Kid Pleas With LeBron To Enter His Name Into NBA Dunk Contest


Now what we have here is a legendary kid named Solomon from Portland, who took to youtube to beg the best player in the NBA, none other than LeBron James, to make his next move his best one and enter his name into the 2012 NBA Dunk contest.

You may recall back in 2009 when LeBron claimed that he would dunk in the 2010 Dunk contest only to pull-out like a dude raw-dogging a chick he has no intentions of impregnating, but here we are years later with LeBron still not fulfilling his destiny.

The highlight of the video comes when the kid gives his argument for why LeBron should enter the dunk contest:

“This is the NBA where magic happens, not where rookies go because the All-Stars are at the hotel clubbing, and drinking and stuff.”

All we have to say to Solomon is that you ain’t never lied. NBA history has shown us that in order to truly be considered the greatest you have to win an NBA Dunk contest.


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