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Jajaja NCAA Basketball Questionable Call Video

Real or Fake? Dude Tries To Propose To Boo During UCLA Game and Gets Rejected


I was actually in attendance at the UCLA-Richmond game on December 23 sitting courtside (looking good enough to slop up with a biscuit in case you were wondering), and witnessed this alleged failed marriage proposal between this dude and his boo.

My initial thought was that it was staged and that the dude’s boo was a terrible actress (kind of like Paris Hilton in her sex tape), but according to the folks in UCLA’s marketing department, this failed proposal was 100% real.

I still find it hard to believe that someone would actually chose a UCLA basketball game as the ideal setting to try and wife up their boo, and if it is indeed real, the dude got what he deserved.

Video of the failed marriage proposal after the jump…


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