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Ray J Picks Patriots to Win Super Bowl but Betting $10K on Worst NFL Teams

Ray J Patriots Super Bowl


Jerseychaser Correspondent Bruce Davis caught up with the internationally known, nationally recognized and locally respected legend that is Ray J recently to chop some game about the football season.

When asked for his Super Bowl pick this season Ray J said he was rolling with the Patriots, but was also planning to bet $10,000 on the worst NFL teams to try and “hit a lick” with the favorable odds.

Dropping 10 racks on some bets would be a frivolous move to some, but Ray J has a house with an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, so money ain’t a thang to one of the greatest entertainers in the modern era.

[Appreciate Ya @B2Davis44, @MilesMediaGroup]

If the Patriots do win the Super Bowl, wonder if Ray J will be calling Tom Brady like he did Reggie Bush after the Saints won back in the day…


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