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Rajon Rondo Hits Emporio Armani Milano With The Okie Doke Behind-The-Back Fake


After a questionable loss against Fenerbache in Instanbul a few days ago Rajon Rondo decided to bring his A game to the Celtics matchup against Emporio Armani Milano in the second game of their 2012 NBA Europe Live Tour.

During the game Rondo caught a pair of Americans on the Milano squad slipping, as he hit former St. John’s guard Omar Cook and former Alabama star Richard Hendrix with his standard behind-the-back ball fake before continuing to the cup for a bucket.

Cook, who was the primary defender trying to recover from a pick, didn’t get fazed by Rondo’s fake, but Hendrix was completely shaken (and stirred to boot), falling for the okie doke like professional athletes and a witty side boo.

Video of Rajon Rondo hitting Emporio Armani Milano with the okie doke after the jump…


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