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Q Richardson Getting Passed Around Like A Joint…

John Krease Jul 20


This is the third time that Q has been traded since the season ended. He went from the Knicks to Memphis for Darko in June. Then the Grizz sent him to the Clippers for Zack Randolph last week. And now the Clippers are sending him to the TWolves for Sebastian Telfair, Mark Madsen, and Craig Smith.

Damn it seems like his stock got better and better as time went on. He went from being the value of Darko to worth 3 players in just over a month. A steal for the Clippers, too bad New York and LA point guards don’t really mix well.

But, do you remember the time when Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles were on the Clippers and used to do that little headbang thingy?


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