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President Obama Mocks Richard Sherman’s Rant at White House Correspondents Dinner

Obama Richard Sherman Rant Joke White House Correspondents


In his never ending quest to show that he is the most sporty President of all times (despite having questionable game) Obama showed some love to legendary Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman during the White House Correspondents dinner, mocking Sherman’s NFC Championship game rant to Erin Andrews on 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

After acknowledging that Sherman was in attendance at the event, which drew some light applause from the square media getting their grub on, President Obama channeled his inner-Sherman and light-heartedly clowned a CNN analyst .

“Jake Tapper, don’t you ever talk about me like that; I’m the best president in the game!”

Obama has the most Presidential swag since Bill Clinton, and held back no punches when getting his opportunity to throw shade at the mainstream media that comes at him on the daily.


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