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Plaxico Pleads Guilty To Cheddar Bob’ing Himself



Damn! We are not going to lie, this caught us by total surprise…Plaxico Burress plead guilty to shooting himself in court today, they got him on one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon! And now they’re going to give him that Mike Vick sentence, 2 years in the pen. Which is way better than the 3.5 years he would have gotten if he had tried to fight the charges.

Still we must say, this is some (f)ucked up stuff. Two years in jail for shooting himself (one year and some change really because he’ll be getting off early for good behavior)?! Cheddar Bob never went to jail after he shot himself in 8 Mile…everybody just laughed.

Had Plax been in one of the other states where he had a valid license to carry a weapon, he would have gotten off with community service. Instead he’s going to be up in jail with real killers, rapists and gangsters. And we bet you not one other person that shot himself.



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