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*UPDATE Plaxico’s New Nickname…Cheddar Bob

We have gotten word that Plaxico shot himself at a Manhattan nightclub called the Latin Quarter. Looks like a decent place. We don’t blame him for being there…with Friday being Latin Pop/Spanish Rock Night. I mean…who doesn’t want them a Spanish Mami, JLo type? Aye papi! Our only question is what was he doing with a ‘heater’ at a Manhattan night club? Its Manhattan bro, nothing is going to happen to you – it was not like you were going to a party in Jamaica, Queens.

This man, who has yet to be nicknamed by the media, will from now on be referred to as Cheddar Bob. You remember him from the movie 8 Mile- the dumbass who shot himself in the leg trying to defend Eminem’s character. Sounds a lot like the player formerly known as Plaxico Burress. More info as it comes in…


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