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Plaxico Burress Is A Goner…Antonio Pierce Is Next… NYC DA Robert Morgenthau Is A Bitchass

Kodackid Jul 29


Nice try, too bad this Plax testifying is not going to do a bit of good. We already know what is going to happen to him, the NYC DA on the case (Robert Morgenthau) already said it…he is going to get prosecuted to the fullest and will be put away for longer than one year, probably three.

The future of Burress rests partially in his hands of the DA, the other part in the hands of a jury. And you know it’s not a jury of his peers, it’s full of some old white women who think that black athletes are rich and spoiled. Plax is a goner for sure.

And no matter how excessive the penalty is in the end, technically Plax is guilty. So we don’t think DA Morgenthau is a bitchass for going at Plax, but he is a bitchass for trying to indite Antonio Pierce, who now has to testify tomorrow (Thursday morning).

It’s acts like this that make us want to believe that rumors that Morgenthau doesn’t like black people are true. How can he be a white male born in the 1920’s and not be a little racist? They are as plentiful as USA citizens born in the 80’s that have watched a Saved By The Bell episode..damn near everyone you can think of.


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