Pistons Tell Coach Michael Curry To Take A Hike…


On the day that free agency officially started, the team with the most money to burn this offseason decided to fire their coach instead…Michael Curry… have a nice life! And its about damn time the Pistons did it. He’s the reason the Pistons sucked so bad last year anyways. It wasn’t Iverson, it wasn’t Rip… it was the coach.

Nobody liked him and they damn sure weren’t listening to him. Rip was salty he got benched for Iverson. Iverson was salty that no one else could score besides him. So they get rid of Iverson and get swept in the first round by the Cavs.

Curry was just about as good of a coach as he was a player…we just hope they don’t replace him with the WNBA’s greatest coach, Bill Laim-beer, who just quit his job coaching the Detroit Shock. Other candidates: Doug Collins and Avery Johnson.

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