Photo Gallery: Felisha Terrell…TO’s Ex-Fiance


So if you’ve seen the VH1 TO Show trailer, then you know that the star of the show is not TO, it’s his ex-finance…Felisha Terrell. She is what you would call, a dime (catch her on the trailer around the one minute mark).

Now you should know her because this is the same chick that broke things off with him right before he “accidentally” took too many pain killers and almost died back in ’06. Or if you’re a soap watcher, you’ve probably caught her on “Days of Our Lives.” You know… shes Arianna, Rafe’s slutty little sister…don’t ask us how we know.

Anyways, we say this TO show is about to take her from being an F-Lister to at least a B-Lister. And in case you were wondering, our people tell us she’s half black/half white, and grew up in the Chi-town. But wait there’s more, for you below we have her modeling shots because after all, she is a Ford Model…

Pictures Of T.O.’s Other Girls Here

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  1. Question. Are Felisha Terrell and Karla Spice (the internet porn star) one in the same? Google the name Karla Spice and you’ll see photos of her in many provocative poses!

    I want to know if they are the same person.

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  4. yes i thought the same thing thats y im on here now looking at her pictures! and its funny someone else thinks the same thing.

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