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Phil Jackson Decides To Go For 3-Peat


After health concerns and a possible budget cut appeared to have Phil Jackson heading towards retirement, the 11-time champion head coach has decided to give it another go with The Lake Show. Former Lakers Byron Scott and (Jackson disciple) Brian Shaw had emerged as the frontrunners to fill the potential vacancy, but with Scott making a move towards Cleveland, it appears that Shaw will be the coach-in-waiting when Jackson does finally decided to chunk the deuces.

Whilst Jackson’s comeback is a bright spot in the Lakers attempt to get the 3-peat, the squad will also be looking to strengthen up as a few other teams (mainly whichever one signs King James) will try to put together a roster full of stars to match the likes of The Lake Show and the Celtics.

With Kobe Bryant getting yet another year older and more treaded out, the Lakers window of dominance is on the verge of closing sooner than later. Jackson’s return keeps the squad amongst the league’s elite, because bringing in a new coach, even one familiar with the system, would have left many Lakers fans uneasy.


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