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PETA Still Hating On Vick…


Does PETA do anything else, but hate on Vick. They do not want him ever see the light of day. As we told you Vick is shopping around a book, he has even hired a literary agent to sell it. Well PETA has opened up its big mouth and said: “If Vick has started writing this book while in jail, the proceeds should fall under the rule that says a felon can’t profit from his murderous deeds”.

When will they understand that a dog is not human. We wish they would just stick to the naked no fur ads featuring sexy women. Now that’s something we can support.

But, in good news Vick and Falcons have finally reached a settlement on how much he’ll have to pay back to them for a breach of contract. They were trying to get $7.5 milli from him, but they have both agreed to let a judge decide in June (word is the judge will rule that he has to give up $6.5 milli).

We’ll be back with more Vick news on Thursday when his bankruptcy hearing starts…


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