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Jajaja NFL Questionable Call Stuff Athletes Hate Video

Pause: NFL on Fox Runs Free Promo For Cowboys.Com During Philly-Dallas Game


Viewers watching the Cowboys-Eagles game on Fox got to see the moon a little bit earlier than expected, as Cowboys safety Eric Frampton’s pants were pulled down during a tackle, exposing his cheeks to the millions (and millions) of people watching the game around the world.

At JerseyChaser we just say no to crack and have a strict policy against showing dude’s hogg’s and/or booty’s (and one for showing some female fat booty!), but if you happen to be a female viewer, or a dude that swings that way, then you can get a better look at Frampton’s cake game here.

And if the Cowboys.com reference in the headline of the article was over your head, then feel free to copy and paste it into your browser of choice to see what it smell like.

Video of Eric Frampton doing a free promo for Cowboys.com during the Philly-Dallas game after the jump…

[via The Big Lead]


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