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#Pause: Coach K Gets Caught in Compromising Yoga Position During Team USA Practice


Coach K got spotted in a fairly compromising position during a recent practice, as Deron Williams snapped up the Hall of Famer as Team USA has continued to partake in the #GotEm phenomenon made popular by DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers.

After catching one of the greatest coaches in the college basketball history looking like a standard Weho bottom, D-Will sent out the Coach K yoga pic:

Caught coach K working on his yoga before practice! #dedication

Coach K appears to be doing his best rendition of the “child’s pose,” also known in Happy Valley as the “Sandusky.”

Whilst this photo is truly legendary, it still isn’t getting with Kevin Love catching damn near the entire team slipping on a plane flight.

[via @DeronWilliams]


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