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#Pause: Chris Bosh Rocks Pink Pants on Bench For Eastern Conference Finals Game 1


Heat all-star forward Chris Bosh raised a few (more) eyebrows during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, wearing peach pants on the bench during the game, bringing even more steam to what some have already labeled Dick-in-the-booty-ish.

Bosh has been inactive since Game 1 of the Eastern Semis, after going to with a shady ab injury that has kept him out of commission. Bosh maintained a relatively low profile during the remainder of the Eastern Semis, but decided that the ECF was the perfect time for a Cam’ron tribute.

Bosh should get a pass though, considering that he lives in Miami where the goal is always to stay fresh to death, but perhaps another color pant selection was in order.



  1. Lola June 20, 2013

    Maybe it’s because I’m a women, but I can tell you that “pink” and “peach” aren’t the same color. Peach is more of a tan/beige/light brown (with the slightest hint of orange). I think that’s acceptable for a straight male. IMO, he’s just an awkward looking & acting man so everyone takes everything he says and does as “gay”. That said, I’m not even convinced that he was wearing “pink” or “peach”. It looks like the image quality of your tv is a little janky.


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