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Pause: Chris Bosh Makes It On Sixers’ “Kiss Cam”


Heat forward Chris Bosh may have just gotten hitched on the super-duper low, but that didn’t stop the Sixers from trying to put him in a questionable situation during Game 4, as Bosh popped up on the “Kiss Cam” during a break in the action.

The “Kiss Cam” segment is nothing at sporting events, but really does in-house entertainment powers that be, have the gall to put up members of the opposing team.

Another player on the Heat caught wind of what was going down (like that episode of “That’s My Mama” with Joe the Policeman) and quickly blocked the camera from getting a glimpse of the bench, using a hand to convey those two words that followed Tony Romo on that Wayne track.

Video of Bosh’s cameo on the “Kiss Cam” after the jump…


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