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Joe “Brooks Hatlen” Paterno Not Coaching this Year!

We love Joe Pa. A living legend he is. With over 380 wins and 23 Bowl victories he is the most winningest coach in college football history and one of the few active coaches in the College Football Hall of Fame. But, there is something fishy about his “coaching” the last couple years, this one especially. And one begins to wonder is he still coaching at all. Has Paterno turned into the real life Brooks, from Shawshank Redemption – where football is the imprisoning institution that he can not stand to leave.

If you look at him during the games from earlier this year you’ll notice when on the sideline he doesn’t EVER wear headphones. He just walks up and down the sideline, same expression on his face, rarely talking to any of the players or coaching staff. More recently the once animated coach has been stricken to the press booth. Injured while trying to, of all things, execute an onside kick during practice.

Calling plays is he? Hell’s no. Giving a great energized halftime speech at that age, probs not. I mean the man is about to be 82 years old. He didn’t even make the trip to the locker room at halftime during the big win against The Ohio State. You didn’t see John Wooden out there at that age still trying to do it.

No disrespect to the Penn State team. You are good, arguably the top team in the nation. But who should be recognized for orchestrating this season, instituting a new offensive scheme, and recruiting the players – Joe Paterno? Maybe Dick Anderson, Galen Hall, or Mike McQueary.

We are not attacking Joe Paterno or his legacy. Nothing can tarnish it. Nor are we saying he is merely a figurehead padding his already Hall of Fame stats. Are we calling for him to step down, no. We are just like Marvin Gaye, trying to learn “What’s Going On”… With a big game against Iowa coming up and a perfect season within reach my eyes will be on the players, but also Very Old Joe “Brooks” Paterno, to see how he is contributing to this years championship team.


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