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“Pants On The Ground” Guy Shows Up At Vikes Hotel


After Brett Favre did a questionable version of the now legendary (but not in a good way) “Pants on the ground” song that Gen. Larry Platt performed in front of American Idol judges, it was concluded that Big Brett can get a pass because his emotions got the best of him after a big win. It was a decent way for an old square to try a gain a little respect for his team, by trying to show he’s still current. But when Gen. Platt showed up at the Vikings hotel prior to the NFC Championship to sing that rubbish one thing is for certain…it must end sooner than later.

The Chaser still maintains that the song is some coonery and buffoonery and as evidenced but the assembled group laughing hysterical in a way that felt less “with you” and a tad more “at you.” In Platt’s defense he is an old head, obviously not hip enough to realize that kids nowadays have gone the square route, rolling with the extra-smedium in lieu of the once try baggy ‘ish. Either that or Gen. Platt knew that “pants on the ground” was his only option and he’s parlayed that to moderate short-term success. Via Deadspin


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