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NFL Questionable Call

Panthers Clown Randy Moss Even Though They Lost


Following the Patriots 20-10 victory over the stuggling Panthers a few of the team’s defensive backs were talking a little bit too much heat after shutting down Randy Moss. In his worst performance of the season Moss finished the game with only one catch that ended in a fumble and appeared to be chillaxin on some plays after getting locked up early. Panthers cornerback Chris Gamble told the Boston Globe:

We knew he was going to shut it down. That’s what we wanted to do him. That’s what we did. … He’d just give up a lot … Slow down, he’s not going deep, not trying to run a route. You can tell, his body language.

Not to be outdone, safety Chris Harris added to the Moss bashing saying:

You get physical with him, and I don’t want to say he quits, but he kind of doesn’t run the routes the way they’re supposed to be run. If you get a jam on him, he’ll just ease up. He had the one catch, and he fumbled. … We stayed on top of him. We were not gonna let him catch a deep pass. That’s his game. If he can’t get it going, he gets out of sync.

A few Patriots players including Tom Brady, defended Moss’ lackluster performance. Kevin Faulk had his back, refuting the claims of the Panthers secondary:

As long as the guys in this locker room know that he’s giving his all, and that football is the No. 1 thing in his life, I don’t think what other people think matters. He knows what he has to do as a football player, and he’s doing it. Nobody else is complaining. Nobody in this organization is complaining about what he’s doing.

Criticism over questionable play has followed Moss throughout his career. It may be true in some cases, but 81 still puts up numbers and is one of the most dangerous threats in the game. The Panthers may have shut him down and made him tap out mentally in this game, but the Patriots still got the win regardless of Moss’ nasty performance. Moss still leads the Pats in yards per reception (15.6) and receiving TD (9) but has struggled since his 179 yard, 2 TD performance against the Colts in Week 10. Everybody has a bad day and look for Moss to try and do some work next week against the Bills and their Top 5 pass defense. Via Boston Globe


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