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NCAA Football Questionable Call

Oregon Rolling With Blount Soon


In what seems to be a decision that will come a week too late, the University of Oregon is planning on allowing embattled senior running back LeGarrette Blount to return to the field for the Ducks November 7 meeting with Stanford (squares). Blount was previously suspended following Oregon’s opening season loss at Boise State. The loss was the Ducks first and last of the season as Phil Knight’s poster children have reeled off 6 straight victories and currently sit atop the Pac-10 standings.

This news is an about face from head coach Chip Kelly’s previous statements that Blount would be suspended for the entire season and that his career withe Oregon was essentially donezon. But much like a stoner that’s grown tired of papers, vapos, bongs, bubblers and the like….it’s time to roll with Blount. After Blount retained the services of some high-powered lawyers that made some threats that facilitated the potential reinstation, he has done everything in his power to show that he deserves a second chance.

Chip Kelly brought in former NBA legend Kermit Washington, who was famous for binging Rudy Tomjanovich back in the day. Washington’s one-hitter quitter forever left Rudy T looking like a poorman’s version of Tommy Lee Jones. Washington was blackballed following the incident and has since done much to erase the negative stigma forever associated with his name.

Since Blount has been allowed to practiced with the team he has been arguably the best scout team running back in the country. Unfortunately for the Ducks a home meeting with USC awaits Saturday night, and Oregon could use a little extra help in the backfield.



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