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One Man Can’t Win A Championship…Magic Move On

John Krease May 31

LeBron was so salty after his team lost that he didn’t even stay for the after game interviews. That’ll be like a $10,000 fine, but that’s nothing to a boss like Bron. You can’t blame the man for skipping it. The Cavs never led in the game, they where down by as many as 20 in the 2nd half, and not the only people that showed up on his team were him and Delonte West.

Ben Wallace was so ashamed of his performance that he said he was considering retiring after the game. As all LeBron’s teammates should consider doing after the series the had. LeBron deserves better than all of them.

It didn’t matter that LeBron had one of the greatest and most dominant playoff series of all time (ain’t nobody in league history every averaged 39, 8, and 8 for an entire series, nobody). His teammates suck. LeBron’s teammates are the reason fans will not be seeing the Kobe vs LeBron dream matchup in the Finals and for the rest of the Kobe and LeBron Muppet commercials having to be shelved till next season.


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