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On Stands Soon: Gisele Vanity Fair

John Krease Mar 31


We tip our hat to Vanity Fair for shooting this great piece on Gisele. Hamburger! If we only would have became photographers then we could have been the ones taking these. In the article she talks about when she was about to leave Tom Brady when she found out that he was having a kid with his ex.

And word in the world of TomGiz is that since all of their friends and family did not get to attend their Santa Monica wedding they are having a dinner wedding in Costa Rica this Friday and then another wedding and reception on Saturday.

How nice of them. We’ll be sure to post the pics as soon as we find them, but we promise they won’t be as good as these.



  1. thomascicalo April 28, 2009

    ur hot come here and we can go


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