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OK State’s Marcus Smart Pushes Texas Tech Fan After Allegedly Being Called Racial Slur

Marcus Smart Shoves Fan


Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart had to be woo’d out of violent situation on Saturday night, after getting into an verbal altercation with an old fat Texas Tech fan in the game’s final moments, and proceeding to push said fan in a fit of rage to draw a technical foul.

After Smart fouled a Texas Tech player and landed underneath the hoop, he immediately hopped up and walked towards the Texas Tech fan, who has been identified as Jeff Orr, a dude known for some habitual line-crossing when it comes to unruly and obscene behavior against both opposing players and his own team during games.

Smart and Orr exchanged a few words, then Smart inexplicably pushed Orr with some extreme force, as 2 female guests standing near Orr looked on in shock.

When the video first hit the internet, the initial reaction was for many to institute the standard “blame the black guy” methodology, but after I watched it a few times, Orr appears to be the one who instigated the incident by violating the rules and regulations of fandom and saying something out of pocket:

Smart alleges that Orr called him a “Nigger” (with the hard “R”) and that is what set it off like Cleo, Frankie, Stony and thems, and although Orr acknowledged that he said something to Smart that he shouldn’t have, he has denied reports that he called him the “N-word”

Squarerrorists tried to place blame solely on Smart for his actions, and criticize me in the process by calling me names instead of presenting a valid retort, but if you really watch the video (like I did several times in real time and slow motion), it is obvious that Orr said something to Smart to incite the young man and Smart reacted accordingly.

Smart may not have made the right decision in pushing Orr, but it was obvious that he was visibly upset and continued to turn and point back to Orr as teammates grabbed him and walked him over to the Oklahoma State sideline.

Orr even appears to be apologizing to Smart, because when Smart gets in Orr’s face, his whole demeanor changes like those bikers in “Bronx Tale” when Sonny tells them, “now yous can’t leave,” and Orr suddenly realizes that shit just got real.

Smart has played several games on the road this season without incident, meaning that his likely incurred a barrage of trash talk from fans of rival teams and never reacted by pushing a fan. In addition, Smart has a reputation for being a leader on the team and having a cool head, meaning that this attack on a fan was uncharacteristic.

People appear to be under the erroneous impression that fans have free reign to say whatever they want at sporting events, and that entitlement comes with the tickets they purchase.

But there is actually some unspoken rules and regulations for fans when attempting to heckle an athlete, that hold true and are universally accepted and respected in sports:

After the game, former Oklahoma State star and NBA Dunk Contest champion Desmond Mason took to twitter to blast Smart for his actions and  to share his own memories of playing against Texas Tech in Lubbock:

I have to disagree with Mason’s sentiments, there is no excuse for a fan ever using a racial slur towards an athlete, especially a kid in college and if a fan decides to do it, then they should be prepared for the consequences. Orr got off lightly with just a push from Smart, and the situation could have been A LOT worse, but if Orr doesn’t say whatever he said, then none of this would have happened.

Instead of just allowing fans to disrespect him, Mason could have brought this to light during his playing days at OK State, instead of now using it as a means of chastising another black player who refused to let that shit ride.

I don’t think Smart should be punished for his actions if he was indeed called a “nigger,” but the court of public opinion has already tried to build the narrative that Smart is a “punk” or “thug,” so it remains to be seen if the Big 12 will side with Smart or look at him as uppity and in need of being put in his place.


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