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OK Ma, And? Former NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Tries To Dime Out LeBron For Traveling


I’ve never claimed to be the most knowledgeable individual when it comes to basketball (but guaranteed my jumper is wetter than 99% of the squares out there blogging) but I’m fairly confident that missed traveling calls ain’t nothing new in the NBA.

Former NBA ref and part-time snitch Tim Donagy took to the internet recently to upload this video blasting the League for missing numerous travels by LeBron James throughout the playoffs, including a few in game-changing situations.

Everybody in the NBA travels, it’s apart of the game and I’m sure that if Gulliver was playing basketball in this day and age, he would be traveling too (note:  if you’re a square and/or lame, let that marinate for a moment).



  1. Matches Malone May 31, 2011

    Clearly, he lost money on the game….


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