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OJ Simpson Granted Parole in Nevada Robbery Case

O.J. Simpson


The Juice got one step closer to potentially getting loose sooner than expected, after a Nevada parole board ruled in favor of O.J. Simpson’s parole request on some of the charges from his conviction in a botched attempt to retreive some of his stolen personal belongings.

Simpson initially met with the 2-person parole board last Thursday, where the 66-year old former NFL star and legendary actor pleaded his case and attempted to show the panel that he is rehabilitated and fit for a return to society.

Simpson’s parole becomes effective on Oct. 2, but the Juice is far from getting out of prison, as now he will begin to serve other concurrent sentences stemming from the conviction.

Simpson was convicted of 12 criminal counts and sentenced to a minimum of 9 and maximum of 33 years in a Nevada state prison and since his incarceration, has become a model prisoner, which is to be expected of a senior citizen with no prior convictions.


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