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Ohio State Offensive Lineman Flips Double Bird at Michigan Fans After Ejection

Marcus Hall Flips Bird at Michigan


Now what we have right here is (The) Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall, flipping the infamous double bird at Michigan fans in the Big House after getting ejected for fighting.

Following his ejection, Hall completely lost his shit on the sideline, ripping off his helmet and throwing it to the ground, before heading to the tunnel and flipping the double bird at Michigan fans as a parting gift.

Since most Buckeyes fans have trouble admitting that any of their athletes or coaches do anything wrong, odds are they will claim that Hall wasn’t flipping the double bird, but was instead doing his version of some imaginary Alyssa Jones inspired chinese fingercuffs.

Marcus Hall Flips Bird



  1. kay November 30, 2013

    he was absolutely flipping the double bird and this was as he was ejected from the game NOT before the game started, Good reporting here….

  2. The Dog December 1, 2013

    In that environment, I would do the same thing.
    You are also a hack.

  3. The Dog December 1, 2013

    Seeing now, you’re a bigger hack that you moderate posts. Well played sir.


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