Ohio Couple’s Wedding Features Groomsmen Rocking LeBron Jerseys

LeBron Wedding


Now that LeBron has returned to Cleveland, fans are going out of their to way to prove that they were just bullshitting (and you know this man) with all of the LeBrateration.

The latest example comes from an Ohio couple that celebrated the King’s triumphant return to the perpetual shithole that is Northeast Ohio┬áduring their wedding by having the groomsmen each rock a throwback LeBron jersey and taking a picture in front of St. Vincent’s Catholic Church in LeBron’s hometown of Akron.

Kudos to the bride and the groom for showing their respect for LeBron, but the reality is that they aren’t really fans of the LeBron James, but instead are fans of LeBron James when he plays for the Cavs.

[via Fox Sports]

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