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Oden The Next Kwame Brown?

Mmm, that popcorn looks good. Hey, where did my popcorn go. Damn Reporters.

We love Greg Oden, he is like the Shrek of the NBA. A great guy with a big heart (and head). With him missing the entire season last year, after undergoing microfracture surgery on his right knee, all eyes where on him opening night. Already being drawing comparisons to Sam Bowie, the ultimate draft bust, he had a lot to prove in order to validate his #1 overall selection in the 2007 NBA Draft.

The NBA is trying to support the potential future face of the NBA (LOL), scheduled a tough start to the season for the upstart Blazers. Set to face Bynum, Duncan, Shaq, Boozer, and Yao in the first 5 games, he could have set himself up to be mentioned among the best centers in the league.

He started off his first game good, recording a block against fellow young big man Andrew Bynum. Nice, nice. Then something terrible happened. Oden injured his foot on a routine rebound attempt in the first quarter. He tried to be a solider and hang tough, but when it came for the team to come back out at halftime, he was no where to be seen.

Suffering a mid-lateral foot sprain 11 minutes into the game, Oden will now miss 2-4 weeks because of the injury. Tis tuff, Greg Oden. And with the injury, the whispers started up again. Is Oden a victim of an apparent Sam Bowie curse?

We say no. Until he proves otherwise, we’ll compare him to fellow NBA big man and former #1 draft pick Kwame Brown. He will play in the NBA for years, but will he ever live up to the expectations that we have for him? no.

If one is looking for the next Shaq, who we urge to retire either this year or the next, look no further than Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum. Greg Oden, maybe 7 feet tall. But, he is the most akward looking seven footer in history. Media have pitty on him and stop stealing his popcorn.

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  1. Joe November 9, 2008

    This was stupid.


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