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Odd Couple: Ocho Cinco Recruiting T.O. For Bengals


Terrell Owens is a legend, so we don’t mind giving him back-to-back love on The Chaser (no homo). Owens and Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco have both been fixtures throughout Super Bowl week, hollering at the same various functions and events, probably to see what that thang smell like in South Beach. It appears that Ocho Cinco has an ulterior motive with kicking it with T.O. so much. he’s trying to get the free agent to consider a move to Cinncinati.

The 2 were spotted Friday night at Ocho Cinco’s party at Mansion and T.O. got on the mic to let the assembled crowd know that if he did holler at the Bengals, he would like to be referred to as “Ocho Uno,” an inaccurate mockery of his jersey number in similar fashion to Ochocinco. The Bengals already have a roster full of dudes that can grab attention for all the wrong reasons so bringing in T.O. really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But the real question is, could Owens handle being referred to as “dos?” as in the second option, similar to the kinda-chubby friend.

Ocho Cinco has been very vocal about getting Owens to join the Bengals, and T.O. just might be rolling. At 36 years old Owens is redefining longevity at the wide receiver position and is still capable of putting up solid numbers, especially if he upgrades to a quarterback like Carson Palmer. Via The Sporting Blog


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