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Creeper NBA Questionable Call Swag

Now It’s Really Time To Celebrate LeBronukkah!


Let’s be honest, when football and basketball are on hiatus, the sports landscape is, for lack of a better word, boo boo. But with arguably the most ridiculous free agency period in NBA history now underway, basketball has never been more relevant. The various (social) media outlets are buzzing with what the future holds, as every team in the league looks to make their next move their best one and find some long term stability.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh are the marquee names in the mix, but with several other stars deciding whether to stay with their current squads or bounce for greener pastures, this thing is going to be exciting. Almost everybody has their sources, trying to kick knowledge about who’s going where, but around these parts we prefer to wait and see.

Much talk has been made about the potential 3-headed monster in Miami, but the real question is which owner is going to have the biggest huevos, to move and shake to create a legitimate contender. When playing with big chips, the luxury tax means nothing. What we do know is that even the brightest star (see King James) can’t do it alone.

In order to win a ring in this NBA, teams have to follow the blueprint of the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs–2 to 3 hall of famers, mixed with 1 to 2 stars (current or in the making) a few old grizzled legends and a couple of weenies. It will be interesting to see which guys will make moves for the dough and which ones will chose their destination for the ring.

Mazel Teezy For Sheezy!


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