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Norris Cole Breaks Derrick Rose’s Ankles with Vicious Crossover

Norris Cole Breaks Derrick Rose Ankles


Heat guard Norris Cole (rocking the legendary box with a part) decided to embarrass Derrick Rose in his NBA return from a knee injury, putting Rose on skates with a vicious crossover that caused the former MVP to drop like the Pharcyde.

Cole almost ended D-Rose’s season prematurely with the crossover, which looked nastier than old man diapers.

I recall some rumblings about a Derrick Rose crossover in the preseason that didn’t even end with bucket, but we don’t reward million dollar moves with broker than a smoker results around these parts.



  1. Flask Jones October 30, 2013

    Im not a fan of Derrick Rose at all but I have to defend the man. His ankles weren’t broken, he bumped into and tripped over a Heat player’s foot.


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