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No Really: Eva Longoria, Erin Barry & Tony Parker In “Grease” Spoof


Back in 2009, we put you up on game to some perceived extreme caking between Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, in this Grease spoof that the couple did along with other members of the Spurs organization and other players’ wives, including Erin Barry.

As has been reported, Erin Barry is the other woman allegedly responsible for being the catalyst for Longoria’s decision to file divorce papers. Barry can be seen in the Grease spoof at 1:38 kicking Longoria off of a lunch table. Some might call that a little art, imitating life.

Conveniently Longoria decided to file the divorce in California instead of Texas, and Parker recently signing an extension with the Spurs worth considerable dough, it’s obvious that Longoria is trying to get into his pockets with extreme hostility.

To think, all this could have been prevented if Parker had a soild lock on the phone, or the awareness to hit delete.


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