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Nick Collins Gets Into It With Bears Fans After Alleged Dropping Of N Bomb


Packers safety Nick Collins will be breaking some bread in the near future after being caught on tape getting into some heated shenanigans with a few loud-mouth, obviously inebriated white Bears fans (of which there are certainly more than a handful) during the Packs Monday Night loss in the city that Kanye rapped about a while back.

Whilst in most cases the race of the fans isn’t important, in this particular case it is because Collins claims that an illegal N Bomb was flung in his direction, directly violating the usage policy which is generally reserved for Christmas time. FOX 6 in Milwaukee was the only outlet to actually capture the incident, which shows Collins remove his mouthpiece from his grill and launch it at the fans.

Not sure how much of damage a mouthpiece would cause, as its more for dramatic effect, but guaranteed Collins pockets will be a little lighter once the League gets into his pockets for the outburst.

[via Brooks]

Video of the incident after the jump…


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