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NFL Week 3: Vick’s Back, Lions Snap Losing Streak


Eagles 34, Chiefs 14 – Even though he only got in for 11 plays, the legend that is Mike Vick is back in the NFL for the first time since 2006. In his sparing usage Vick did manage to rush for 8 yards but did not complete a pass. DeSean Jackson’s career-high 149 receiving yards were highlighted by his sick flip into the endzone, we think he’s got that whole thing figured out now and might be Pro Bowl caliber. Kevin Kolb looked pretty solid, becoming the first player to pass for 300 or more yards in their first 2 starts. Meanwhile the Chiefs are sh*tty…again. Preseason included, Todd Haley’s team hasn’t won a game this year. Tis tough.

Vikings 27, 49ers 24 – If AP can stay healthy and Favre just continues to play solid, the Vikings will go to the Super Bowl. The Bay was ready to go dumb with this one, but with time running out Brett Favre came through with another legendary play, hitting receiver Greg Lewis in the endzone for the game-winning touchdown. The dude may be old, but he’s trying to go out like Jordan should have, but he didn’t have a squad like Favre does.

Lions 19, Redskins 14 – Even though Detroit still sucks, they are getting it going tonight after the Lions snapped a 19-game losing streak that dated back to the end of the 2007 season. It sucks losing but it’s even worse being a loser. Jim Schwartz is trying to erase that feeling in a city that has been down but not out like a Cam and Kanye track.

Bengals 23, Steelers 20 – The Bengals are on pace to debunk the curse of Hard Knocks. After tricking off their opener to the Broncos on a freak play, they have responded nicely with wins the past 2 weeks. The AFC North is going to be a beast this year (minus the Browns). The Steelers are still trying to figure it out and have lost their last 3 road games.

Colts 31, Cardinals 10 – Peyton Manning continued his hall of fame career with another legendary performace. His 4 touchdown passes guided the Colts to their league-leading 12th straight win. Jim Caldwell’s picking up right where Tony Dungy left off.

Ravens 34, Browns 3 – The Browns suck, but the Ravens are the best team in football right now. Their defense is ridiculous and the offense is looking solid as well. When they are playing at top speed, their isn’t a team that can compete with them.

Jets 24, Titans 17 – Mark Sanchez is on pace to be the sickest rookie quarterback of all time. Everyone is waiting for him to slip but thus far he has kept his game tight. After a amazing season last year the Titans still haven’t gotten a win. We all know what cracks on any given Sunday.

Saints 27, Bills 7 – T.O.’s streak for consecutive games with a reception was snapped at 185 as the Bills continue to struggle. Drew Brees didn’t throw a touchdown pass snapping an 11-game streak. Pierre Thomas continue to ball rushing for 2 touchdowns as the Saints continued their solid play to remain undefeated.

Giants 24, Buccaneers 0 – The G-Men got their first shutout since 2005 as they basically punked the Bucs into submission. The tandem of Steve Smith and Mario Manningham has quickly filled the void left by Plax.

Patriots 26, Falcons 10 – This game should have been a blowout but Tom Brady continued to struggle getting on the same page with his receivers, especially Joey Galloway. While it wasn’t all Brady’s fault as some of the balls were dropped, the legend did look good moving the team down the field but struggled in the red zone.

Broncos 23, Raiders 3 – Pat Bowlen doesn’t look like as big a douche bag now for deciding to boot Mike Shanahan and bring in some new blood. The Broncos defense continued it’s stellar play, shutting down a Raiders team that we once had moderate ambitions for. JaMarcus Russell might be boo boo, but we’ll give him one more game before we’re sure.

Chargers 23, Dolphins 13 – After the miraculous turnaround that the Dolphins experienced last season, it seems that the luster of the wildcat is wearing off. Philip Rivers looked solid going over 300 yards for second straight week and Vincent Jackson looks like he wants to jump up a tax bracket. L.T. didn’t play for the second straight week but the Chargers didn’t need him.

Bears 25, Seahawks 19 – The best part about this game was the Seahawks nasty lime green throwback uniforms. Jay Cutler is gaining the respect of Da Bears fans and Devin Hester just may make the transition to receiver.

Packers 36, Rams 17 – We’re glad this game is over so we can focus our attention on the Packers-Vikings Monday Night game. Aaron Rodgers looks like the heir apparent and the Packers D is out there getting it.

Jaguars 31, Texans 24 – The Jags got a much needed win and saved Jack Del Rio’s job for at least 2 more weeks. Maurice Jones-Drew lit it up with 3 rushing TD’s and the Jaguars snapped a 4-game losing streak.


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