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NFL Replacement Ref Lance Easley Thinks “Inaccurate Reception” Was The Right Call


Lance Easley, aka NFL Replacement Ref #26, aka the man responsible for Golden Tate’s “Inaccurate Reception” in Monday Night’s Packers-Seahawks debacle isn’t rolling with all of the negative mambo jahambo in the aftermath of the most controversial call of the Ref Lockout.

In an interview with them folkers over at TMZ, Easley stated “I made the right call” and proceeded to break down his logic, which isn’t as deniable as the mainstream squares would like us to believe:

…the Packers player who allegedly intercepted the ball never had singular possession because, “You have to not only have the ball but have either 2 feet or a body part on the ground, and that never happened.”

Easley was left in the difficult position to take the bulk of the haterade for the decision, which charted some unprecedented territories in what will surely go down in the annals of NFL history.

After watching the replay several times in the immediately after the game I actually tried to make the same argument that Easley did, but quickly stopped giving a shit about it, and just kind of went on living my life.

But I will say Easley makes a valid point — Packers safety M.D. Jennings appears to have

[via TMZ]

Video of the what had been legendarily dubbed “Russell Wilson’s Game-Winning Interception” after the jump…


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