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NFL Questionable Call

NFL Releases 2010 Pro Bowl Selections


For the first time in 30 years the Pro Bowl will not be held in Honolulu, as the powers that be decided to move the game to Miami. The game is scheduled for Sunday, January 31, a week before the Super Bowl, with both games being played at what is currently Land Shark Stadium. There were a lot of first time selections for the game, including Eagles star DeSeasn Jackson, who made the NFC squad as both a receiver and special teamer. The Vikings led all teams with 8 players selected, including Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen and Sidney Rice which came as somewhat of a surprise. The Eagles, Cowboys and Colts tied for second with 6 selections. Sadly no player from the Bengals was selected for the game, but I have a feeling that Chad Ochocinco will somehow be in uniform come game time.

Since both teams that make it to the Super Bowl definitely won’t play in the game a lot of the dudes that were snubbed (see Randy Moss, London Fletcher and Brent Celek) will probably get the courtesy replacement invite. Holding the game 2 weeks earlier seems like a pretty bad idea because in theory the 2 teams that do reach the Super Bowl should have the most, if not a bunch of selections, so the game will feature a watered-down version of a game that it pretty watered-down to begin with.

Changing the date and location of the game was more of a business decision that anything else, keeping both the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl in the same location will save a lot of cheese for the League and boost Miami’s economy for a solid 2 weeks.

AFC & NFC Defensive and Special Team selections after the jump…



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