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NFL Legends Unite For Legendary Pepsi Grammys Halftime Show

Pepsi Grammys Halftime Show


I don’t normally like giving brands free promo, but Pepsi went next level with a special commercial which aired during the Grammys promoting their Super Bowl halftime show featuring Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

At first it appeared that we were rejoining the actual Grammys when the legend that is Deion Sanders sprung up from the crowd and proceeded to kickoff one of them most epic musical performances since the Bears and the U were doing their proverbial thug thizzles back in the day.

The promo features legends from every major network that has a deal with the NFL, including NFL Network’s Sanders doing some of that autotune, FOX Sports Terry Bradshaw singin country, CBS Sports’ Shannon Sharpe rapping, Matthew Stafford and Michael Oher as pump fake Daft Punk, and ESPN’s Mike Ditka closing with some opera.

This jawn was fairly brilliant.


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