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NFL Coming Back To The City Of Angels?

The Insider Oct 06


In the early 90’s, the Raiders and Rams were a major part of the Los Angeles sports scene. They soon relocated to new cities, better stadiums and left a once proud professional football city, starving for a gridiron team. It looks like the wait may be coming to an end for the city of Angels.

According to several published reports, the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers are two organizations that may make the move. The Jags rarely sellout the antiquated Jacksonville Municipal stadium and suffer frequent blackouts of their games. The Chargers have an abysmal stadium deal and have a huge fan base in the Los Angeles area.

Sites like Irwindale, Ca have been targeted for new stadiums over the years, but to no avail. The NFL will put a team in the LA area, but which franchise will have the heart to pick up and move an entire organization, possibly alienating their built-in fan-base?



  1. Matches Malone October 6, 2009

    Not clear on the concept of a need to build a new stadium in LA. What’s wrong with the Coliseum? The Trojans seem to do just fine every home game….

    PS, I’m still a Rams fan.


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