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NCAA Football Questionable Call

New Mexico’s Locksley Back After Choking Out Coach


After serving a 10-day suspension for getting into with an assistant, New Mexico’s rookie head coach Mike Locksley is back in action. The Lobos head out to San Diego State this weekend to most assuredly take another L, but like Kevin Garnett, “Anything is possible!” Locksley’s squad has struggled this season, going 0-7 including a 34-17 loss to UNLV last weekend that the head coach missed during his hiatus. The Lobos margin of victory was actually their 2nd lowest of the season, which is an interesting Snapple fact, but not anything to feel good about.

The University’s Human Resources department is still involved in an on-going investigation into Locksley’s altercation with wide receivers coach J.B. Gerald, due to conflicting reports of what really happened. According to Gerald, after a heated argument following a loss, Locksley started stomping down on him and an argument ensued. Gerald claims that Locksley rushed him and starting choking him out, until a few other assistant coaches attempted to separate them. During the separation process, Locksley threw a slew of errant punches, one binging Gerald on his lip. Gerald has been on paid leave since the incident occurred and has no plans of returning to the program.

While Locksley does admit to a heated altercation, he asserts that he did not throw a punch or choke his assistant coach. Locksley claims that he did grab Gerald around the collar before the other coaches broke it up. Sheeeeeeeeit. Somebody is lying.

This feels like a very similar situation to the Tom Cable incident with Randy Hanson, except in Cable’s case the investigators concluded that Hanson broke his own jaw and the Raiders head man did not receive any type of suspension. Interesting.


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