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Questionable Call

New Kobe Mask Has The Masked Mamba Looking Like Black Zorro and/or Blankman


After playing his first 3 games (all at home) since breaking his nose with the clear mask, Kobe decided to shuffle the deck as the Lakers started a 3-game road trip in Detroit, opting to roll with the black mask.

The black Kobe mask was a much sleeker version of the clear mask in an attempt to reduce the sweat from piling up within it, which was irritating the Lakers guard to say the least.

Although a wise man once said that you should always bet on black, after a shaky start against the Pistons and the feeling that he was looking like a poor man’s version of the Black Zorro, Kobe decided that black wasn’t his thing and switched back to the clear mask in the 2nd quarter.

According to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, Kobe didn’t have any problems with the black mask, but decided that he was more comfortable wearing the clear mask.


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