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New Charles Barkley, D-Wade T-Mobile Commercial Directed By Spike Lee


Now what we have right here is T-Mobile’s new ad campaign, featuring Charles Barkley  and Dwyane Wade and directed by the Legend that is Spike Lee.

T-Mobile is set to debut the commercial during the NBA’s Christmas Day madness, which features 5 nationally televised games, including the first meeting between the Lakers and Heat.

The promo plays on the recent trend of remixing sound bites into songs, kind of like that whole Bed Intruder joint (that became a youtube instant classic), and features musical geniuses Cool & Dre making a track out of a Barkley line and turning it into a viral sensation.

Definitely not as good as some of the other T-Mobile offerings featuring the Barkley and Wade, but still solid nonetheless.


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