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NBA Pre-season: Lakers Lose To Regal Barcelona


Regal Barcelona’s 92-88 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, was a monumental win for the Spanish club, and the entire European basketball community.  In the history of games played by NBA teams in Europe, this is the first loss by a team from the best professional basketball league in the world.

Even a Pau Gasol led Memphis Grizzles were able to beat Barcelona in 2006, but if you listen to Laker fans, the 2nd consecutive embarrassing loss of their Euro tour don’t matter.

It’s pre-season.

All that matters is June you will hear them say and hey Kobe isn’t 100%.

Bynum is out til December.

It was a road game.

Phil wanted to focus on Pau, and help Steve Blake get acclimated to their system.

Phil doesn’t care about the pre-season.

The excuses have been nauseating to listen to, sad honestly…..

I would have given them the benefit of the doubt, if the Lakers played their 2nd and 3rd string players for the majority of the game, but that wasn’t the case.  Several Laker starters played big minutes, including Odom (42), Gasol (36) and Fisher (31).

The intensity and rhythm the Lakers played with didn’t have a pre-season feel, the defending NBA Champions were playing to win the game.  Granted, Kobe Bryant did not look 100%.  He shot the ball horribly and was favoring his knee, at times walking gingerly with a slight limp.  His timing and rhythm on his jumper was off, and has yet to get his legs back under him. Still, that is no excuse.

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