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NBA Power Rankings


Each week we will keep you in tune with the pulse of the NBA, ranking all 30 teams based on how we see it.

1. Celtics (8-2). You already know what it is with these vets.  Shaq has been the  best value in the league + KG has his legs back. Allen and Pierce have been steady. Rondo has seven games with 15+ assists. The best team in the league right now.

2. Jazz (7-3). Swept the EC Southeast division big boys last week and have won 7 of last 8. Proven they can beat anybody and nearly lose to the Clippers. Western Conference Player of the Week Deron Williams and his shape-up in the discussion for league MVP so far.

3. Hornets (8-0). Fast out the gates winning 8 in a row and leading the league in defensive efficiency(95.1). CP3 is the league’s best point guard, Okafor has been solid inside and David West is being his usual unsung self.

4. HEAT (6-4). Navigating adversity early, played a tough schedule and are getting better on both ends.  Ranks third in both offensive and defensive efficiency. Lebron/Wade have balled, but Bosh still finding himself.  The HEAT’s four losses are against teams with a combined 22-5 record.

5. Lakers (8-2). Started 8-0 with a very favorable schedule and lead the league in offensive efficiency(112.5). Defense has been an issue all season and they gave up 22 3’s  Sunday versus the Suns. Lost their last 2 games by surrendering 239 points.

Teams 6-30 after the jump…

6. Spurs (8-1). Rested Spurs are better than tired ones. Tony Parker back in elite PG form. Richard Jefferson shooting the lights out this season. Won 7 in a row. Manu getting his Friar Tuck on.

7. Mavericks (6-3). Tyson Chandler has sured up the paint defensively for the Mavs, who are locking people up this season. Dirk is Dirk. Won 5 of last 6.

8. Magic (6-3). More bark than bite + Howard only grabbing 10 boards a game. 3’s been off for the Magic this year too. Gave up 110 pts to the Raptors.

9. Bulls (5-3). Eastern Conference Player of the Week Derrick Rose is one of my MVP’s so far this season, and Noah + Deng have been earning their bread. Chi has Won 3 in a row while perimeter shooting has been off, but Boozer’s return will open it up.

10. Nuggets (5-4). Can beat any team in the league on one night, then give up 144 to the Pacers on another. Lawson, Afflalo have been dynamic. The Melo-drama continues.

11. Hawks (7-4). Johnson, Smith, Horford, Crawford are an uber-talented quarter that plays minimal defense. Zaza Pachulia  and the Hawks won their first 6, but have lost their last 4.

12. Thunder (5-4). Sort of meh in the early going, Jeff Green is not the answer. KD and Westbrook are balling, but they miss Nick Collison. A lot of hype going in, so far have disappointed.

13. Blazers (6-5). B-Roy playing bone on bone will thwart his production, but we love Batum and Aldridge. Dre Miller’s been steady at the point. Ravaged by injuries, but McMillian is keeping it together. Sure they miss Bayless right about now.

14. Suns (5-4). 22 3’s on the Lakers heads Sun night, Nash with 27 assists and 2 TO’s last couple of games. Nash and co have performed well while playing one of the toughest schedules in the league. Beat the Lakers without Robin Lopez in the 2nd half.

15. Warriors (6-4). Keith Smart has his team perfect at home (4-0) but took couple of bad really bad road L’s.  Ellis and Curry avg 46 between them. D.Wright is a candidate for MIP. David Lee out a week after an injury. Started 6-2.

16. Bucks (5-5). Second in the league in defensive efficiency(95.4 per 100 possessions), the Bucks won 3 straight this week and Bogut is back banging on people. Scott Skiles is one of my favorite coaches in the league.

17. Pacers (4-4). Our dude Josh McRoberts is in the rotation and Darren Collison has been balling his ass off. Indiana dropped 54 points in a quarter on the Nuggets last week. #Shoutout to Roy Hibbert too.

18. Grizzlies (4-6). Rudy Gay is avg 25 a game, but Gasol and Mayo’s numbers are down. They aren’t getting a lot of stops either and struggle to win close games. The good news is, Z-Bo back.

19. Cavaliers (4-5). JJ.Hickson, Varejao and Hollins is a quality inside trio.  Jamison playing well and the Cavs won 3 straight on the road, but lost 4 in a row at the house Lebron built. Byron Scott has done a helluva job this year (Charles Barkley voice)

20. Pistons (4-6). Started 0-5 but have been surprisingly competitive despite Prince/Hamilton trade rumors. Stuckey been solid and Coach John Kuester has this team’s attention. Won 4 of last 5 since starting 0-fer. Charlie Villanueva is sticking to his story btw.

21. Bobcats (3-7). Surprised they are playing this bad. Larry Brown will have this roster playoff ready though. 0-4 at home. Rumblings say Charlotte interested in acquiring Baron Davis.

22. Rockets (3-7). Dogged by some injuries to Brooks and Yao, another team with a stacked roster struggling early. 2-1 since starting 1-6. Yikes. Luis Scola has been killing this season.

23. Timberwolves (3-8). Beasley dropped 42 on on Sac, then 35 on the Knicks. Love killed with his 31 and 31 historic performance vs New York. Showing signs of improvement.  Wolves have won 2 of their last 3. Rambis still doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

24. Nets (3-6). While Brook Lopez is 21 for his last 73 shooting, the Nets need 9 more wins to reach last season’s total but have lost 5 of their last 6. Devin Harris has played well, while Derrick Favors has steadily improved.

25. Raptors (2-8). Huge W vs Orlando, DeRozan and Weems maybe the 2nd most athletic perimeter tandem in the league. Getting better, but lost 7 of last 8. Bargnani still soft in the middle however, though Amir Johnson has been active.

26. Knicks (3-7). The Knicks have too much talent to be this bad. Kevin Love dropped 31&31 on them the other night. Lost 5 straight.

27. Kings (3-6). Started 3-1 with a soft schedule and have had some drama with Cousins early on. Cousins rumored to be on the trade block and the Kings have lost 5 straight. Landry and Evans have been bright spots.

28. Sixers (2-8). Holiday and Lou Williams have been balling, Iggy rumored to be on the trade block. Elton Brand looking rejuvenated but Thaddeus Young has impressed me the most. Evan Turner having a solid rookie season. Youthful squad, new coach – same old Sixers.

29. Wizards (2-6). Wall has been phenomenal early on, leading the ROY race. He sprained his foot and may miss time.  Gilbert had 30 the other night, but Blatche and McGee are tough to win with.

30. Clippers (1-9). They will blame Baron, though he’s played 10 minutes in 5 games,  but the Clippers are just bad. Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Aminu gaining valuable experience however. Lost 6 straight.


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