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NBA Playoffs ALL 401(K) Team: Top 6 Dudes That Need To Shut It Down

Jay Gatsby Apr 23

Kurt Thomas Old


With the NBA Playoffs finally giving us some drama in the two games last night and some controversy (see Chris Paul pushoff). Although as a basketball purist, I don’t mind the pushoff so much as I was bothered by Ginger Griffin holding Darrell Arthur.

Regardless, you want to see players make plays and if that is foul is called, we are having an entirely different conversation this morning.

But I digress..

Back to the original intent of this post – presenting players that need to be put in the retirement rec league for the rest of the playoffs because they have nothing left in that clunker they call a tank.

So give it up for your NBA ALL 401(k) team:

1. Steve Nash
2. Derek Fisher
3. Ray Allen
4. Grant Hill
5. Tracy McGrady
6. Kurt Thomas

Julio Alcaraz tends to bleed silver and black, purple and gold, and Dodger blue yearly. Besides that, he wears many hats as a father, educator, retired basketball coach, realistic optimist, cinema lover and dry humor extraordinaire you can follow him @JJALC


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  1. anon April 24, 2013

    silly ray allen? why? all he does is shoot jumpers. by that logic kirk hinrich, kyle korver should have been long gone. steve nash? why? his stats are basically the same as last year. now you might say his assists are down but most players stats change when they are moved to a new team and not the main option. dwight howards, down pau gasol first year after memphis, wade first year with lebron, paul pierce with garnett, garnett with paul pierce, etc..


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