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NBA Off Court Recap

There is the season and then there is the off season. We usually take the off season to forget about the NBA and focus on the other sports. You know baseball and football, but for some reason we couldn’t stay away.

Who can forget the Olympics and the show the NBA’s finest put on for the world. We had Lebron, Kobe, DWade, Howard, Bosh, Chris Paul, Daron Williams, JKidd all there.

josh Howard showed that the streets not only watching and taking, they filming now. And whose the funny guy that decided to up oad that onto YouTube.

Looks like Devin Harris gave white guys hope everywhere and while the Nets are left to wonder, “Why did I trade for this guy, he got crossed by a white dude.”

Baron Davis decided to really use the off season to get in shape for once. So what did he do to help him shed some LB’s, signup for Jenny Craig.

And in other news Shaq not being on the Olympic team went against his intuition and got back together with his ex-wife. A woman that he divorced last year for cheating. This summer he was spotted, wife by his side, watching one of his kids hoop it up in an AAU tournement. The kids got potential.

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