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NBA Media Day From Around The League [Pics & Vids]


As I reported on my Twitter last night, Carmelo Anthony is indeed in Denver this morning, but odds are he probably won’t be wearing that jersey in the near future. Melo’s arrival in Denver wasn’t the only news in the NBA in the past few days, as teams from around the league officially opened their season with Media Day.

Its refreshing to know that the NBA season is almost upon us, so we decided to give you a little taste of the players that you love, with a pics and videos from across the League. Enjoy!……

Big night last night Mel?

Kobe gives a standard generic interview, saying all the right things.

Derrick Rose still waiting for Melo

Boozer wishing Melo was there to space the floor

Why isn’t Taj Gibson in uniform?

Nice of Joakim Noah to show up

Portland media getting on B.Roy’s nerves

LMFAO…Greg Oden looking like 50 Tyson’s big brother.

Rudy still salty about being a Blazer

Lebron didn’t quit. He still got a triple-double on that ass.

A stoic Gilbert looking like Fredrick Douglas

James Harden still got that beard, but what is dude in white pondering?

Adam Morrison looks crazy, like 5150


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